CEMS (Cemetery Management System) gives owners and managers of cemeteries a simple, web-based system for access to and management of cemetery data and the registry of the deceased.

Main functionalities

  • Management of cemetery land registry
  • Management of data on the deceased
  • Overview of cemetery occupancy
  • Utilization of cemetery resources
  • Funeral ordering
  • Integration with ERP system
  • Reports and outputs
  • Notification of singers (SMS)
  • Document integration
  • Simultaneous use by multiple users

News and updates


A significant expansion of the CEMS has arrived in the form of the Crematorium module. It covers all the aspects of work in the facility: reception invoicing scheduling tagging and documentation creating work orders a whole separate view for pathologists who issue cremation permits accounting integration and reporting The workflow is as seamless as it […]

ERP integration upgrades

We firmly believe that a system is only as good as it’s integration. Therefore significant updates have been implemented in CEMS, to provide the users with the information they need when interacting with clients. An example is live display of tenants credit/debit status.

Funeral protocols

Nothing is allowed to go wrong in time of grief. The impeccable execution of the funeral is supported by a detailed, custom designed and easy to follow funeral protocol, which is agreed upon with the client.

Daily work schedules

Keeping track of daily tasks and events is of utmost importance for successful graveyard management. Therefore CEMS automatically creates daily schedules, containing all the critical information to serve the individual client needs.

Weekly schedule

Managing resources is one of the top challenges in graveyard management. Adapting to demand at any time is so much easier with an up-to-date schedule, available at any time in CEMS.