Cemetery management software comes with number of useful features.

Record of cemetery locations

  • Record of burial locations with user-defined locations (graveyard, field, lines)
  • Management of utilization of cemetery resources (chapel, crematorium)
  • Management of graves with associated documents (contracts, leases, images of physical files)
  • Display of graves on a map
  • Payment management (optionally integrated with ERP)
Record of the deceased

  • Data on the deceased
  • Burial data including services
  • Customizable reports

Burial ordering

  • Entry of the deceased and selection of burial location
  • Calendar of burials and cemetery occupancy
  • Utilization of cemetery resources
  • Integration of burial services with ERP system
  • Reports and output of work orders

Integration with back-office ERP system

  • Custom integration with ERP systems

Notification of singers and performers

  • SMS notification and confirmation of singers and performers

Initial setup

  • Setup of a cemetery record with burial locations
  • Setup of a record of the deceased
  • Transfer of key documents
  • Transfer and integration of other data

Application screenshots