A significant expansion of the CEMS has arrived in the form of the Crematorium module. It covers all the aspects of work in the facility:

  • reception
  • invoicing
  • scheduling
  • tagging and documentation
  • creating work orders
  • a whole separate view for pathologists who issue cremation permits
  • accounting integration and reporting

The workflow is as seamless as it can be to insure flawless operation. The integration with ERP goes as far as to check for credit status of the customer, so no trivial tasks burden the users.

The modules also use a single database to eliminate the need for data transfers. I. e., if the deceased was tagged to be cremated, all the data entered in the reception office is automatically available at the crematorium.

All the documentation in CEMS is, as a standard, signed by using electronic signature tablets.

As for scheduling the cremations, working hours can be set and time-slots defined, so there are no overlapping cremations planned. The number of furnaces is also variable.

Scheduling the cremation
List of the permits to be issued
Cremation permit
Weekly cremation schedule